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    Internship Work in Singapore

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    Intensify Newtown

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    Intensifying Kilbirnie

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    Kilbirnie Development

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    Johnsonville Development

  • http://www.ankitsurti.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/thermal.jpghttp://www.ankitsurti.com/?portfolio-item=thermal-bliss

    Thermal Bliss

  • http://www.ankitsurti.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/can.jpghttp://www.ankitsurti.com/?portfolio-item=can-you-hear-me

    Can You Hear Me

  • http://www.ankitsurti.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/india.jpghttp://www.ankitsurti.com/?portfolio-category=photography


Intensify Newtown [Click Here to View Content]

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The project is located on Adelaide Road, Newtown.

Internship in Singapore

Project undertaken as part of my summer Internship with New Space Architects in

Intensifying Kilbirnie

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The project involved developing a master plan for

Kilbirnie Development

This project was a continuation of Intensifying Kilbirnie which can be viewed HERE. The

Johnsonville Development

The project involved developing the city centre of Johnsonville, a suburban area of

Thermal Bliss

This project involved designing a public thermal pool, saunas and changing rooms in

Can You Hear Me

This Project involved designing a lecture theater, seminar rooms and a gallery space for

Dwelling In Dystopia

This project asked to create a dwelling in the dystopian city created in the earlier

Dystopia Today: The Lodge

This Project was a Group Project and also had an Individual component which involved


This site showcases the work of Ankit Surti. It presents an architectural portfolio which includes some of his Projects undertaken in fulfillment of an Architectural degree and work experiences.

The site also presents other interests including Photography and Digital Art which has been influential in understanding digital technologies and its implications in architectural work.

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